• Natalie Redding Nat Geo Wild

    Shear Madness on Nat Geo Wild

    Please check out the collaboration of photographer Scott Chebegia (Garford Media), Catherine Garvin (Read Article HERE) and Heather Tooley (Read Article HERE).  This photoshoot was a blast to create and evolved out of the desire to help me PERSONALLY promote Shear Madness on Nat Geo Wild.  Note, this is the first and only season which will […]

  • photo 5

    The Beauty of Color

    I’ve been dyeing my own flocks fiber for nearly a decade and I’ve always been mesmerized by the luster and depth of color mohair, Teeswater and Wensleydale produce when dyed.  Recently, Namaste Farms has embarked on a new venture, making wool shampoos and “rescues” for damaged fleeces.  Because of this, I’ve tested prototype and different […]

  • photo 6

    More Teeswater and Wensleydale Beauty

    Namaste Farms extreme tailspinning locks…

  • Natalie Redding Namaste Farms

    The Beach and Garford Media

    In March my friend, Scott Chebegia, took pictures for fashion writer, Catherine Garvin. I haven’t had a moment to post some of them, so here they are.

  • sorting

    It’s What We Do

    Today when I was working outside with my dogs, I thought, “There are millions of people, right this minute, sitting indoors, in an office.”  My job is physically demanding, but how lucky am I?  My coworker is a dog, and I live in sunny Southern California. This is Lace, my dream employee, purchased from Jennifer […]

  • DSC_5316

    My Assistant

    I work so hard and I realized, I’m probably working physically harder than I actually have to. I started asking my shepherd friends if they could live without their Border Collies and each and everyone said, “No.”  One of my friends, Joy Dally (wife of Martin Dally) said, “If I didn’t have my working dogs, […]

  • DSC_2618

    Colored Angora Buckling

    This little buckling is typical of Cloudspun Farm/Namaste Farms breedings.  They are fine silky fleeced with fiber that stays fine over their lifetime.

  • Todd Wensleydale Wether


    Animals have been the focus of my life for as long as I can remember.  As I child, I learned that animals would love you unconditionally and the comfort animals provided carries into my adult life.  There are few people that have the devotion and respect for animals I do.  This respect can be upheld […]

  • CAGBA Namaste Farms Doeling

    Colored Angora Goats Never Looked So Good!

    Here is a CAGBA buckling that is from Persimmon Tree Farm and Cloudspun genetics.  These are my favorite foundation lines and I think you can see why.

  • Namaste Farms Registered PBA Doeling Pygora

    The Beauty of Pygoras!

    This little doeling is a permanent resident of Namaste Farms.  Her mother is a Hawks Mountain Ranch Pygora and father is a Oregon Flock and Fiber Champion from Namaste Farms.


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How To Make Ainsley Daisy Yarn

This is a darling yarn that is really fun to make.  Please subscribe to me on Youtube; Namaste Farms channel.


Washing Wool And Mohair

Check my featured Youtube at the bottom of homepage or check out my Youtube channel to see  my technique for washing wool and mohair.  It covers washing super long locks without destroying them. I have switched over from Dawn to Unicorn Power Scour because I think Unicorn is less likely to over scour your wool […]