Namaste Farms Natalie Redding Lister Shears

Lister Shears

I am so thankful to finally find shears that have the ON/OFF switch in the right place, are durable and have a comfortable hand piece that can fit in my hand.  I have very large hands for a woman and even though my hands are large, I’ve been complaining for years about past pairs of non Lister shears.  The brands I previously used were so uncomfortable and had the ON/OFF switch well below your thumb so that  you have to use the opposite hand to shut them off.  In addition, the “other” shears were unreliable AND had zero power.   My animals and business depends on my being able to shear and because of this, I use Lister Laser 2 machine in hand shears AND the Lister Nexus shearing station (Flex shaft) and David Fagan Nitro hand piece.  Not only do I love the dependability, power and comfortability of Lister shears but they are owned by Wahl, an American company with strong family values.

Please support Lister and the Wahl family of clippers.  They are so supportive of Namaste Farms and I am incredibly happy with their products.  If you have any questions, please contact me and I will hook you up with retailers where you can purchase Lister and Wahl products.  Blessings friends, and please support the companies that support me.