Angora Buck


Namaste Farms raises some of the finest fibered Champion Angora and Pygora goats the country. Boasting such titles as 2009 CAGBA National Grand Champion, Black Sheep Gathering’s Grand Champion Best Goat in show, Judges Choice and Best Fleece in show, these animals provide much of the fiber for Namaste Farms.

One of the most difficult issues when choosing Angora goats for  their mohair is longevity of fleece.  The challenge is to find goats that produce yearling fleeces well into their 8-10 year old year.  This is a significant obstacle for any Angora goat breeder and finding the right genetics has been a solid goal of Namaste Farms. Now, 10 years into our breeding program, there are only a few lines of goats we allow in our flock.  Genetics from Coon Hollow Farm (Diane Coon), Cloudspun Farm (Sharon Chestnutt), Persimmon Tree Farm (Greta Dise), and Dr. Fred Speck are the remaining genetics that display amazingly soft, silky fleeces with little grease.

Pygora goats are a breed which originated from the pairing of a pygmy and Angora goat mating. While they don’t produce mohair, they do produce a fleece which can be equaled to cashmere. These pint size little darlings are the clowns of Namaste Farms and are treasured for their friendly dispositions and prized for their low micron fibers.  They are jovial characters that gift us premium fleece and are the first kids to sell out every year.

OFFF Champion; Henry Pygora Buckling